Environment Friendly

In the painting industry, it’s becoming commonplace to see painting contractors operating under the ‘green painting,’ ‘eco-friendly‘ painting, and ‘eco painting’ philosophy. Paint manufacturers are now producing safe, low-to-zero VOC (volatile organic compound) products for commercial and house painting.  The recycling and disposing of paint is now much more environmentally friendly.

However, there is more to being a true eco-friendly painting company than just the type of paint that’s used on the job, and for a contractor to truly reduce their environmental footprint, they have to consider many more factors including:

•Careful water usage washing our tools when painting

•Responsible use and disposal of construction materials such as plastic sheeting and sundries.

•We follow environmental regulations and best-practices set by the government and the painting industry.

•We order and use the correct amount of paint on the job and nothing more.

•Any leftover paint, we save it for touch-ups or recycle it to minimize any unneeded waste.

•We dispose of and recycle all materials including the paint itself following all environmental standards.